Waitlist Tutorial for Iconix Fitness App

These tutorials are for our Apple iOS and Android versions of our Iconix Fitness App.
After you follow all of these tutorials (and watch the videos) if you have questions, please contact us here for more info.

Iconix Fitness Waitlist Tutorial
Waitlist Registration Here

1) To register for your account, click on the "Class Waitlist" tile in your app.

2) Click on "Register Now" in the bottom left.

Iconix Fitness Register Now Button

3) Then click on "Email my Agreement Number"

Email my agreement button

4) Enter in the email address we have on file for your account:

Enter your email we have on file

5) Click on "Submit" and check your email. In less than 5 minutes, our system will send you an email with your full "Agreement Number"

6) Click on "Register Now" and enter your info into the form

Iconix Fitness Register Now ButtonIconix Fitness Register In App Form

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