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HIIT and Strength woman exercising


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Our Instructors

Our coaches have many different areas of expertise to choose from to help you meet your goals

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Andrea L
Personal Training
Andrea LAndrea L
Bethany W
Group Fitness
Bethany WBethany W
Caitlin S
Personal Training
Caitlin SCaitlin S
Chris H
Personal Training, Group Fitness
Chris HChris H
Courtney L
Personal Training
Courtney LCourtney L
Daniel G
Personal Training
Daniel GDaniel G
Erin E
Group Fitness, Cycle
Erin EErin E
Garrett S
Personal Training
Garrett SGarrett S
Hayley C
Personal Training, Pilates
Hayley CHayley C
Heidi B
Group Fitness
Heidi BHeidi B
Holly H
Personal Training, Cycle, Group Fitness
Holly HHolly H
Jake R
Personal Training, Group Fitness
Jake RJake R
Jessica B
Cycle, Yoga
Jessica BJessica B
Joey O
Personal Training, Bagworx
Joey OJoey O
Koa L
Personal Training
Koa LKoa L
Lo H
Personal Training, Yoga
Lo HLo H
Michael T
Group Fitness
Michael TMichael T
Nick J
Personal Trainer
Nick JNick J
Nicki B
Personal Trainer
Nicki BNicki B
Peter D
Personal Training, Bagworx
Peter DPeter D
Ricardo R
Personal Trainer
Ricardo RRicardo R
Robin S
Personal Training, Group Fitness, Cycle
Robin SRobin S
Sarah B
Group Fitness, Cycle
Sarah BSarah B
Shay J
Yoga, Group Fitness, Personal Trainer
Shay JShay J
Stephanie Q
Personal Training
Stephanie QStephanie Q
Steven R
Group Fitness, Cycle
Steven RSteven R
Sunny D
Personal Training
Sunny DSunny D
Suzanne T
Yoga, Meditation
Suzanne TSuzanne T
Taylor S
Personal Trainer
Taylor STaylor S
Woody W
Personal Training
Woody WWoody W
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With a pristine environment, top-of-the-line equipment, expert trainers, amazing events, and a supportive community, we make hitting your fitness goals safe, effective and fun.

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