Be Your Best
Iconix Gym Etiquette Musical

We’re breaking down the “do’s and don’ts” of proper gym etiquette in the best way we know how - with a song and dance of course. Because no one wants to be “that person" at the gym.

If musicals aren't your thing, here's a list of what you need to know:

Arriving to the club:

  • Have barcode ready to scan in.
  • Store all workout bags, coats and other personal belongings in a locker during your workout.

Fitness Floors, Alley and Rooftop:

  • Be courteous and treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Re-rack your weights in the correct order.
  • Don’t throw or drop equipment.
  • Don’t hoard equipment. Use what you need.
  • Use equipment and machines as intended.
  • Wipe down your equipment and put it back when you’re finished.
  • Let others work in when you’re between sets or finished with equipment.
  • Don’t disrupt others with your phone calls. If you need to talk, take it outside.
  • Don't use equipment as a chair to text from.
  • Don't play your music out loud.
  • If indoors, shoes and shirts are required.
  • Use of powdered chalk is prohibited.
  • If you’re not an Iconix trainer, don’t train other members.


  • Reserve your spot ahead of time when possible.
  • Arrive to class on time.
  • Avoid leaving before class is finished.
  • Limit conversations to before and after class.
  • Don’t use cell phone during class.
  • Wipe down and put your equipment away at the conclusion of class.

Locker Room:

  • Conserve resources by using one towel per visit.
  • Toss your damp towel in a designated bin.
  • Do not put anything other than towels in the towel bins.
  • Showers are for showering only (toilets are around the corner).
  • Keep all grooming above the shoulders
  • Do not groom yourself in the shower or steam room.
  • Wear proper attire in the steam room.
  • Do not tamper with the steam room sensor.
  • Deodorant is encouraged, but please avoid the use of perfume, cologne and body sprays.
  • Do not use your cellphone while in the locker room.
  • No photography or cameras allowed in the locker room.
  • Don’t take provided hygiene items home with you.

Temporary Mask Mandate:

Currently, LA County requires masks to be worn while indoors. Please help us stay open by adhering to the city’s mask mandate. Members who do not comply will risk having their membership suspended or revoked. Thank you for cooperating, and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces again.