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Personal training takes your workouts to the next level, offering unique characteristics; of customization and accountability which cannot be achieved with group fitness alone. All of our personal trainers are certified fitness experts eager to work with you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re aiming to compete in body building, or simply looking to tone up, personal training is a surefire method of achieving the quickest results.

Andrea L
Personal Training
Andrea LAndrea L
Caitlin S
Personal Training
Caitlin SCaitlin S
Chris H
Personal Training, Group Fitness
Chris HChris H
Courtney L
Personal Training
Courtney LCourtney L
Daniel G
Personal Training
Daniel GDaniel G
Garrett S
Personal Training
Garrett SGarrett S
Hayley C
Personal Training, Pilates
Hayley CHayley C
Holly H
Personal Training, Cycle, Group Fitness
Holly HHolly H
Jake R
Personal Training, Group Fitness
Jake RJake R
Joey O
Personal Training, Bagworx
Joey OJoey O
Koa L
Personal Training
Koa LKoa L
Lo H
Personal Training, Yoga
Lo HLo H
Nick J
Personal Trainer
Nick JNick J
Nicki B
Personal Trainer
Nicki BNicki B
Peter D
Personal Training, Bagworx
Peter DPeter D
Ricardo R
Personal Trainer
Ricardo RRicardo R
Robin S
Personal Training, Group Fitness, Cycle
Robin SRobin S
Stephanie Q
Personal Training
Stephanie QStephanie Q
Sunny D
Personal Training
Sunny DSunny D
Taylor G
Personal Trainer
Taylor GTaylor G
Woody W
Personal Training
Woody WWoody W

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A personal trainer can help you reach your personalized health, strength, and physique goals faster than you could going it alone. Interested in seeing if our personal training is a good fit for you? Your fitness assessment is on us.

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With a pristine environment, top-of-the-line equipment, expert trainers, amazing events, and a supportive community, we make hitting your fitness goals safe, effective and fun.

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